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Episode 15 - Unifying leadership that goes beyond gender

April 24, 2018

In this episode we discover traits of emerging leadership styles. New strategies inspire new questions like:
how can we redefine success to embrace the true nature of humanity and challenge the predominant assumption that competition, exclusivity and individualism are necessary to be successful?
What would happen if we moved beyond diversity categories like gender and other under represented groups and instead viewed ourselves through a lens of coherence across the range of human identity?

As we evolve towards the achievement of the equality of women and other marginalised groups what questions are not being asked? ebbf board member Wendi Momen offers her thoughts on this and other issues.

Mary Darling the co-owner of Westwind pictures, executive producer of highly successful Canadian Netflix series Little Mosque in the Prairie, shares her ideas working in a male-dominated industry.
What happens when we bring feminine leadership into directing a movie or leading a workgroup?
How do we ensure that we really hear diverse voices when do we know when the right level of diversity is present to make the best decisions?

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