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Episode 16: difficult but worthwhile paths towards meaningful careers

May 4, 2018

In this episode we discover key decisions one should address when you are about to make a career change.
Two ebbf members also share the struggles and how they lived through their personal career transitions in their professional and personal life.
Enrico Giraudi made the shift from a career working for marketing goals of mutlinationals to working for the wellbeing of people. His path from knowing “this is not my place any more” to the fear of moving away from a stable job and one’s fake identity. “The challenge is that you don’t move a step if you don’t know what you are moving towards and one often over estimates one's current status”. What gave his strength was his feeling that "the first steps I took, gave me a sense of happiness and wellbeing worth pursuing”.
But first Dr. Graham Boyd has a PhD in theoretical particle physics. In a significant career change he left physics to work for Procter & Gamble and is now the CEO of Evolute Six a network of practitioners that promote work as a strategy for both professional and personal development "changing careers is most complicated than we might think and first coherence with the rest of one’s life”

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